Why subscribe?

Why would one want to subscribe to justcor in order to receive posts sent to their inbox? Simply put, it’s the only way to guarantee that you will stay connected to the conversation.It’s been proven that other attempts of connecting – bookmarking a page, subscribing to a feed, waiting for a Facebook post or tweet reminder, etc. – are far less effective in long term consistency. Subscribing will also assure me that you’ll be there to chat each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when a new post rolls out.

Additionally, blog experts count blog subscribers amongst that cherished group called “super fans.” While I may not be a fan of the super fan designation, I understand their thinking. It is that subscribers are the ones who are most likely to share the blogger’s posts/material, comment on the blog’s content, and purchase the blogger’s products. Because they do all this they are deemed super fans. Regardless of you subscribing or not, I consider it a great honor that you would spend even one moment on my blog. So, thanks! Know that I am a super fan of yours.