Why my old lady neighbor could kick the crap out of yours | A Lesson in Hard Work

Let me introduce you to Luverne.

She is incredible. She is in her mid-80’s. She has a beautiful house and a small white dog.

She was one of the reasons why we decided to move into this neighborhood. As we pulled up to walk through the vacant house, Luverne was perched on a ladder stringing lights. That coupled with the young boy (Michael!) waving to us from a giant picture window across the street sold us.

This past winter she had a hip replaced (I think).

Yet, she still keeps her yard immaculate. She works the mower,

…the edger,

 …the rake,

…and the broom.

She is known to sweep not only her walk and but also the section of the street in front of her property.

Her work ethic should be imitated.

Much of my work ethic was established at a young age through my parents. Lately, it’s been the influence of Luverne.

What about you? Who has shown you the value and model of working hard?

**Yes, my wife did tell me often that taking pictures of her through my car window was totally creepy.**


  1. Who taught you about work ethic? Care to share the story?
  2. What were key lessons that they passed on to you?
  3. Do you feel like your current job requires you to work your hardest? 
  4. Is a strong work ethic lost on this current generation?
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9 Responses to Why my old lady neighbor could kick the crap out of yours | A Lesson in Hard Work

  1. Donna

    Love this. My Luverne is Naomi. Dear woman kitty-corner (just what is a kitty-corner?) across the alley. She has a delightful hodge-podge garden filled with flower gifties from all those who love her. She faithfully leaves a Mother’s Day bouquet on my back porch every May in the wee hours of the morning. She volunteers for Meals-on-Wheels, arranges the flowers for each holiday at her church (a humongous church)…and stops to check on how we’re doing every time she sees us. I love Naomi.

    • Cor

      She sounds great!

  2. nziegler

    Your wife was right. That is pretty creepy taking pictures of your neighbor like that.

    Anyways…My dad was the one who taught me about hard work. I remember when I got a construction job one summer in high school, he told me, “There should never be a reason for you to stand around and do nothing at this job. If the work is done, pick up a broom and start sweeping.”

    • Cor

      Thanks, Zig!

  3. Janelle

    There are actually two people who have taught me what hard work looks like. First is my dad. He is 75 years old and has many medical problems. With much passion, he always makes sure that he has enough wood for winter and makes sure to plant his garden on time. This is such an inspiration to me because it shows that despite our circumstances we can still do the things we love.

    The second person is my baby-sitter. From the time I could walk she always allowed me to help her with things like sweeping, mopping, etc. She was always keeping herself busy but she taught me that there is always work to do and that “you shouldn’t put off today what you can do tomorrow”
    Looking at my life today, I can definitely see where these two people have played HUGE roles in my life and how my work ethic comes from them.

  4. Bart

    I trust that you have told Luverne the positive influence she has had on you. If not make sure you bless her in that way!

    Thanks this made me smile. A stark contrast to sitting on the couch playing video games or watching TV.

    As a boy I worked with my dad and brother around our country acreage. I remember the day when I realized the joy of a good days work and how good a shower felt and supper tasted after working hard all day. Still love that element of life.

    I believe that we were made to work and I believe that we will work in heaven. Unhampered by the curse of the fall. Even look at Luverne – imagine the increased joy she would have working without the stiffness that the fallen nature brings. It will be joyful, fulfilling work – forever.

  5. Matt

    Yeah, You’re a creeper. lol

  6. Mark

    I am doubly-blessed to be inspired in this way by my father and father-in-law. I’ve had both over, sometimes together, to work on many house projects. I’m always impressed with their energy-level, their ingenuity and their patience through the most frustrating situations.

    • Cor

      No doubt. Three cheers for dads who are willing to help out with house projects!