Why I am blogging

Why am I blogging?  That’s a great question! 

  • I love conversation.  As a pastor, it’s a deep joy to be able to converse with people about their lives, faith, family, and career/schooling.  Most of the people I talk with are in their late teens, 20’s, or 30’s.  Big life decisions are being made during this time.  And I’m honored that they invite me into the discussion. 
  • I love learning.  I hope you will bring as much to the conversation as I do.  I expect to learn from you.  So, please, share what you know!
  • I want to help others.  Years ago, when I did a personality assessment, I learned that I wanted to connect and help others.  I don’t want to be in a laboratory running chemical experiments (undergrad major #1), or build bridges (major #2…but only for 2 weeks!), or teach math (major #3).  I want to get involved in other people’s lives and serve them in any way that I can.  
That’s it!