The Story. Q & A about my interactions with Joe

Panhandler_on_Powell_St.,_SFThis is a series of questions about my interactions with a guy named Joe. If you haven’t had a chance to read the story you can do so HERE.

To comment, please reply below with “Re: #3 …” so that readers can understand which series of questions you are addressing.

1. Have you found yourself in a parallel situations to what I faced – where you want to do one thing (watch ESPN, be alone, take a nap, etc.) but you felt like God wanted something else from you (talk to someone, shovel the neighbor’s sidewalk, etc.)? If so, how do you weigh these options?

2. What do you think about my decision to approach this stranger along the highway? Have you ever made a similar decision to approach someone you didn’t know? someone who may need help? If so, how did that go?

3. I was surprised when I heard of Joe’s desire to preach to the “least of these.” I felt like he was one of them! Have you ever made a similar judgment based on first impression only to be surprised later on? If so, what were the details of that event?

4. At what points in the story do you agree with my responses to Joe? Where do you disagree? How would you have handled those situations where you disagree with my response?

5. At what point did you sense that Joe was going beyond identifying himself with Christ, and actually claiming to be him? I mention that this confession brought chills down my spine. What response, if any, did this revelation invoke in you?

6. What’s your final characterization of Joe at the end of the story?




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