Without these 2 things, your relationship is at serious risk [video]

Monday night I had the opportunity to speak at an FCA/RUF event. My topic was dating/relationships.

In my introduction I shared several stories. There was the story about my TSM. The was the one about walking on to the football team and making Tyrone Carter into an All-American and NFLer. There was the one about coming to faith. And there was the story about meeting Jill in Panama City Beach. This final story led into a conversation about dating.

I told them that every relationship must have TWO things. Without both of these I told them I would not officiate their wedding. Why? Because without these two I believe they put their relationship in serious risk. What are the two things?

Watch this video (Whoa! That’s new!) by clicking the picture to find out!

What do you think? Do you agree of disagree?

Is there anything you would add to this list of two in order to make it a top 3 or top 4 list?

Share your thoughts below!

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  1. zack blaisdell

    Great thoughts! Very well said. Marriage is a very beautiful thing. It is even more beautiful when it is shared between a man and woman who commit themselves to each other and stay committed to each other. I completely agree the two things you mentioned in the above video are vital to that commitment. Without either of whom the relationship could unravel. God bless you Brother.

    • Cor

      Thanks, Zack!

      Unfortunately, too many people believe the unraveling was due to chance or not meeting the right mate.

  2. zack blaisdell

    Welcome. And yes very sad indeed.

  3. Anon

    So, a bit confused.

    I know that you have told me that there are women who come to your office, and want a husband, and, Christian is the only deal breaker quality that they are looking for. I hold onto the hope that I’ve found one of these girls every time I ask a girl out.

    I know at one time you said that they both have to be Christians for you to be willing to marry a couple. Is this still the case, or, is there more signs, or, are we advising singles to take Matthew 7 into consideration in regard to realizing someone of faith will have fruit in their lives.

    Should passion for God be similar in nature, or strength, or both. For example, I have been told by one of the men in my small group that I have, “A concern for the plain truth 3 standard deviations outside of the mean”, So, Imay be gifted in encouragement and exhorting, however, I am rarely a cheerful giver.

    One thing I’m working through to try to become more generous, is realizing that in a fallen world, whenever you give, the response always seems to be, “Give me MORE!!”

    This is not God’s heart.

    It is hard to build confidence while shaking the feeling that no matter how much you bring to the table, no matter what you do, the answer will always be, “I WANT MORE!!”

    I guess there needs to be a way of looking at someone and placing a a value on spiritual maturity, striving, without making it a competition.

    • Cor

      I’m not understanding your reference to Matthew 7. About judgment?

      One should be able to hear their spiritual journey and that another’s faith could be seen in both confession and example.

      I don’t think this is a violation of Matthew 7.

      Regarding nature or strength, I can’t answer without knowing more fully the details you speak about.

      But I would say that passion for God will result in one type of life(style) and an absence of this passion will result in a very different life(style).

      Re: I want more. I think this is your experience. It is not the widespread experience that I’m hearing from singles. I hear people with a deep desire to make a connection and, with that, a willingness to give a lot to the relationship.

  4. Anon

    Was thinking more verses 15 through 20, which isn’t a perfect interpretation. That refers to people holding themselves out as prophets. But, the idea that because someone checks the box doesn’t mean they’re a Christian. I think you confirmed what I was trying to say with the confession by confession and example line.

    As far as strength and style, let’s say that One member of the couple loves to build things for ministry and people in need. They’d love to work for Living Water drilling wells in Africa, and do short term missions in Mexico on vacation. However, the other partner would rather re-write hymns or, has a passion for street ministry. Is there room for them to see each other as wired differently, and allow the street ministry person to do that while the spouse goes off to drill wells? Or, will that pull them apart, and the street ministry person would be better finding someone that wants to do street ministry with him/her, while the other potential spouse would be better off holding out for a hammer swinging sweety?

    • Cor

      Your last comment does not worry me.

      In such circumstances, I can see one of them acquiescing to the other’s passion in order for them to be able to serve together. Or, in a rare case, one would serve there for the week and another over here. But, in most cases, I’d predict one of them valuing serving together more than going off to a specific ministry spot.

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