What is the point of sex anyways?

Sex sells and the whole world is buying. But what is the point of sex?

Sex sells and the whole world is buying. But what is the point of sex?

“Sex sells and the whole world is buying.” These words come from the song “Signs” by the band Creed. So if the whole world is buying, what are they receiving?

Last Sunday, my church began a sermon series on Gospel sexuality. It is an 8-week series diving into several facets of human sexuality as they relate to God and the Bible and sin and culture. It is no small topic.

Within the topic of sex seem to be a spiderweb of related topics. Some will be drawn to the more emotional and unseen aspects of it. Others will focus on the physical, considering how to increase physical sensation and pleasure. Still others will consider the spiritual aspect of sex and how it connects with God and his designs for it.

There has been no shortage of conversations about sex on this blog. To name a few:

1. As a child, what messages were you given about sex?

2. Hooking up without hitching up

3. How would you counsel the guy struggling against porn?

4. Learn about sex from making brownies

The pressing concern today is, what is the point of sex? How would you respond to this question? What do you believe is the point, or are the main pointS, of sex?

Additionally, how did you come to believe this is the purpose of sex? In other words, what were/are your primary influences in developing your sexual ethic? Examples could include parents, a mentor, the Bible, a Sex Ed. Teacher, books, movies, television, etc.

QUESTION: So, what do you believe is the point of sex?

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  1. Jo

    I believe the point of sex is the help us understand our relationship with God – both as a Church and as individuals. It could be argued my perspective isn’t founded on a complete/balanced data set since I’ve never done it. But, like most people, I think, I’ve struggled painfully to understand this topic. I think that’s a blessing. Struggling with it motivated me to listen to the perspective of others with different faiths and experiences. Wrestling with God over it moved me to dig further in his word about it than I did when I was younger and more apathetic on this subject. The most influential person on this journey so far is a gospel friend who let me pour out my thoughts and pain when I felt the weight and end of that struggle was completely hopeless. It broke the sense of hopelessness and encouraged me to keep searching.

    • Cor

      Thanks for the comment, Jo. I agree that marriage as written about in Ephesians 5 helps us to understand the relationships between Christ and the Church. I’m curious as to how sex does this, in your mind. Sex is a part of that marriage relationship which should reflect Christ and the Church. But how? That’s the question I’m wrestling with right now.

      • Jo

        I think people have an ability to communicate and understand things physically that we can’t put into words even in our conscious thought process. This is pure speculation, but I wonder if part of the reason God made the male/female unit the way he did in Genesis is because somehow their physical unification helps us see how intimately God is able to unify very distinct beings without compromising what makes them distinct – similar to how we are unified with God and fellow believers while still remaining who we are, and while he remains who he is. For me, the existence of sex helps me accept this even though I don’t fully understand our unification through Christ. Helpful?

        • Tyler

          I wish Jo’s comment had a like button. Well said and interesting point.

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