SHORTCUT to uncommon words in hymns and other worship songs

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000000goodfriday2This word can be found in many hymns including: Crown Him with Many Crowns

In John 1:29, John the Baptist says of Jesus, “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.”

As such, Jesus sacrifices himself on the cross and through his death brings forgiveness of sin.

It also connects with the Old Testament imagery where animals were sacrificed in partial covering for sin.

Many hymns will shorten “Lamb of God” simply to “Lamb” yet still have the above in mind.

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I don’t have the mustache to be a paid salesman [video]

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Hey friends.

I desire to start conversations around the gospel in the areas of your life that matter most.

This is a post to help you see my life, more specifically, the challenges of sharing this blog’s message more broadly.

It’s likely no surprise to you that I share my blog posts to social media.

But I have learned some startling statistics.

What would you guess is the percentage of my social media network that would see one of my online blog posts?

It’d be shocking to think 100% of my FB friends saw my posts, right? I agree.

What about three-quarters? Is that realistic?

Half? Would it be realistic to think that half of my network would see such a post?

Statistics say that only 3-12% of my social media network will see one of my blog posts. Whoa.

That’s much smaller than what I would have expected. Especially because this isn’t the general public I’m talking about. These are Facebook friends or folks who have liked the “justcor” FB page.

I don’t have the mustache (or money!) to be a paid salesman. Though Facebook offers me the chance to “boost” my audience (who are already my FB friends or like “justcor”!!) by paying them money, it is not something I plan on doing.

So how do I continue to share this with others when it seems Facebook is against me?

First, the only bona fide guarantee that you (or anyone) will continue to be a part of this conversation is by subscribing to my blog. That can be done quickly and safely (no spam, info kept confidential) and easily HERE.

“Argh! I don’t want any more email!” you might say.

I understand if that’s how you feel. But in this video I compare my blog subscribers to others and the statistics should encourage you and them that it’s worth it!

Second, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for every time you choose to “share” one of my posts online. It means a lot! I appreciate it.

Honestly, the gospel tells me that even if not one more person read a thing I write or saw a video I record, I’m alright with God. I believe this.

My hope in this blog is for people to read something or watch something that don’t have that same assurance!

Thanks for being a part of this conversation and helping to share it with others!

One of my biggest secrets and why it matters to you

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There’s a secret of I’ve been living with for quite some time.

Many of my family members know about it.

I have also let some of my friends in on it.

But you may not know one of the biggest secrets of my life. Until today.

Crazy! Right?

I hope that encourages you in the gospel today.

I hope that compels you to move forward and outward in your faith.

I hope you feel assurance in what you already have been given — what you already have! — and will share it with others.

It’s a crazy thing that God invites us to play a role at all.

So if the gospel was a fit for you, how about you hand it off to someone else who needs it!

I’d love to have you share a comment or story, maybe your story of how this gospel was given to you!

The best example of servant leadership I have ever seen [video]

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I was a newly minted pastor. One of my main areas of focus was college students.

On this particular Friday night we were having a service. I knew that we’d send the van over to campus to pick up as many students as possible. I wanted to be at the back door in order to greet them when they arrived.

One by one they filed out of the van (Picture the undersized clown car from which countless people come).

When I had greeted the last of them, out of the driver side door stepped my boss, the senior pastor. He had gone and picked up all the students. I was stunned.

I asked him why he had done it, why he had been the one to drive the van. He replied matter-of-factly, “It needed to be done.”

Then he went inside, walked down front, ascended the stage, and led the service. What an example of servant leadership!

The same guy who brought the teaching for the night brought all the students too.

Why? It needed to be done. He sought no attention for his effort. He just did it.

We see much the same example in Jesus who came, not to be served, but serve and give his life for many.

When his disciples asked how they can become the greatest Jesus told them to make themselves the least and become a servant of all. Jesus was a model of servant leadership.

How backwards does our culture have this?

How many times do we measure leadership, not by how many people we can serve, but by how many people serve us?

Do you have a great example of servant leadership you could share?

Do you have an example of poor leadership, one where you’ve been made to feel like you are there solely to serve the leader?

Please share your valuable comment below!

SHORTCUT to understanding Christian Denominations

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2010-06-churches-bigThis series is aimed to help you get answers at a fraction of the time cost! Since the alternative, ordinary route (searching answers to these on your own) can be tedious, why not take a shortcut?

For present purposes the denominations under consideration will be limited to Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, and Presbyterian/Reformed (next time: Baptist, Evangelical Free, Pentecostal, and Methodist denominations). There are certainly more than just these (e.g. orthodox, Egyptian, quakers, etc.). But as these are the ones I am most often asked about, I will limit myself to them.

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