How that next thing keeps you from God

This is a picture of an urgent message. There's no urgent message. Even though I say that, you still are tempted to click on it.

This is a picture of an urgent message. There’s no urgent message. Even though I say that, you still are tempted to click on it. Aren’t you!

Have you ever experienced this?

The project deadline is two weeks away. Between now and then there will be little time for anything else. This includes God. The thinking is, “when I’m done with this, then I’ll get my relationship with God back on track.”

University finals loom on the horizon. Earlier in the semester God had a prominent place. But there’s just no time right now. On the other side of finals, then there will be more time and space for God.

Including God during this season just isn’t feasible. Things will slow down come next season. At least that’s the hope. Then God will become a priority.

Sound familiar? Me too.

If we pause for a moment, we know that there’s always a next thing. There’s always something that we can deem critical. And often this comes at the expense of God. Right?

Listen to C.S. Lewis,

“I remind myself that all these toys were never intended to possess my heart, that my true good is in another world, and my only real treasure is Christ. And perhaps, by God’s grace, I succeed, and for a day or two become a creature consciously dependent on God and drawing its strength from the right sources.”

For a day or two. That resonates.

There’s always something that should or could get done.

It may even feel like the next thing is the most important thing.

But it’s not. At least not more important than God.

So how do you prevent the next thing from delaying God’s active involvement in your life?

And how do we maintain this for more than a day or two?

Do you have any practical tips or wisdom?

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One Response to How that next thing keeps you from God

  1. Dave Nelson

    Hi Cor,
    A little late here, but I had “urgent” things pulling me away from commenting ;) I think maybe the reason people haven’t commented much is because it’s hard to answer this without sounding like Mr./Ms. Holy Roller.

    So anyway, for me the only way to get/keep my relationship with God on track is to make it my priority. I have to schedule time with him. For me, that means the first thing I do when I come downstairs every morning is read the Bible. Then my morning drive is spent in prayer. If I waited until I felt like connecting with God to try to do so, I don’t think I’d ever get there. That would be my advice – schedule a time with God, and don’t let anything disturb that time. For me, about the only time that works is 1st thing, before the rest of the day’s distractions come calling.

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