For the times in your life when you feel woefully inadequate

comparing-300x232We all have feelings of inadequacy. Some are easily dismissed. Others linger. And some take root.

So what is (or should be) our response to feelings of inadequacy as followers of Christ?

Here is a cause-and-effect-and-response that we can employ in 4 common life situations.

Situation #1

Situation #2
  • CAUSE: You feel inadequacy to enjoy your life as it is.
  • EFFECT: This results in a perpetual pursuit of pleasure and comfort. It’s a life of seeking happiness through excesses in stuff, health, travel, recreation, entertainment, food, and more.
  • RESPONSE: Remember God is good! He is the source of lasting joy. Recognize Jesus is your source of comfort. Seek God’s Spirit to bring you joy.
Situation #3
  • CAUSE: You feel inadequacy in your identity.
  • EFFECT: This results in a need to continually prove yourself and value to others. It can be observed in attention-seeking, appearance, social crowds, achievements, titles, positions, and relationships.
  • RESPONSE: Remember God is gracious! Let Jesus be your approval. Let your life be hidden in his in order to take on the identity of God’s child. May God’s Spirit be your seal and guarantee that your identity and inheritance are secure.
devin_six_flags_height_chartSituation #4
  • CAUSE: You feel inadequacy to achieve what you want in life.
  • EFFECT: This results in a need to produce results. Your life constitutes a pursuit of power, success, influence, position, and control.
  • RESPONSE: Remember God is glorious! Let Jesus be your power. He has delivered THE result. This shows us our best pursuit is to live in His Spirit.

Remembering that God is great, good, gracious and glorious allow us to confront feelings of inadequacy.

And it keeps the other stuff (which can be very good) in their proper places.


Which situation do you struggle with most often or most deeply?

How might your life change as a result of changing your response to these feelings of inadequacy?

* This was adapted from a seminar by Scott Thomas.

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  1. Vicki

    I had intended to comment on this post when you first put it up…but I was working 14+ hour days 6 days a week then. I’m not quite awake right now…but as I just finished responding to the thread on anxiety and just to drive my point home a little more:

    Would you agree that every time you used the word inadequate in this post, you could substitute the word anxiety (per our Biblical definition)and not change the meaning?

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