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5 Prosperity Gospels Christians (You?) Believe

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The traditional prosperity gospel says, “Give to God in order to get from God.” It believes financial blessing is God’s will for Christians. It’s like a contract — if we fulfill our duty of faith, God will provide prosperity and blessing. This blessing also includes health benefits and so is often called the “health and wealth gospel.” Well known proponents include Joel Osteen and Creflo Dollar (who made recent news by asking for a new jet). The problems of this gospel should be apparent. It’s commensurate …

When fighting sin is bacon (Or sin knows you)

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Sin knows you. Sin knows which flavor you like. It’s like a devilish Baskin Robbins. It knows the time of day you are receptive to its call. Should it come first thing in the morning or during that work lull or immediately before bed? It knows. It knows the strategy for when you’re with people. Are you more easily agitated by co-workers or family members? Christians or non-Christians? Spouse or kids? Loud and abrasive personalities or quiet and passive-aggressive? Sin knows. It knows …

Wife, do not refuse your husband’s compliments about your beauty

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Ladies…correct me if I’m wrong…you want to be found beautiful in the eyes of your man. Am I right? So if that’s true, let me play out a common pattern I’ve seen during my ten years of marital and premarital counseling. Husband sees wife. He’s struck by her beauty. He comments. “You’re beautiful.” “No, I’m not.” “Yes. You are.” “No.” Then some variation of you’re wrong, or you’re crazy, or it’s not true. Why would she respond this way? There are several possibilities. Wives may …

Atheist’s account of world’s origin requires crap ton of faith to believe

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Most readers of this blog are Christians. Such folks believe the Bible’s claim that God created the heavens and the earth. This faith in a creator is met with resounding disapproval in the public square. Christians are made to feel small, ignorant, irrational, or intellectually inferior for believing in a creator. Has it ever happened to you? If so, I hope what follows encourages you. Your understanding of the world’s beginning requires faith. But hear this, so does their’s. Believing their …

5 essential actions husbands too often miss

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Marriage is not easy. Many do not make the finish line. Divorce does not happen in an instant. It results from unresolved failures and hurt over a long period of time. In an effort to strengthen marriages, here are 5 essential actions husbands must take, but too often miss: Love God with high accountability. Let’s be honest. How easy is it to appear godly on Sunday mornings? It doesn’t take that much. Say “hi” with a smile. Sit in the sanctuary during the worship …

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