Is it okay to admit this in your church? [video]

Recently, I came across a classic viral video.

It was a video of a father and son on a reverse bungee catapult. It shoots them into the air. All the while, the son keeps repeating, “I’m okay. I’m okay. I’m okay.”

Do you remember this one?

I believe that’s an apt illustration for the church.

Watch more by clicking the picture:

Put simply, is your church a place where it’s okay for people to admit they’re not okay?

Are you a person to whom a friend could admit that they’re not okay?

The Bible says that “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17).

Before we can even hope to do sharpen one another, the church (ie. that’s us!) needs to be a people who can admit when we’re not okay.

And we need to be a safe place for others to be able to admit when they’re not okay.

How can the church become a safer place for such admittance?

In other words, how can we make it more okay to admit you’re not okay? Leave your comment below!

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4 Responses to Is it okay to admit this in your church? [video]

  1. Zack

    It starts with us assuring others we aren’t going to judge them and we aren’t going to share it with anyone else.

    • Cor


  2. Janelle

    Zack put it well…sometimes people are afraid to share the truth of what is going on in their life because of what others may think. We live in a society that has become very judgmental and it, at times, seems impossible to look past that judgment. However, we have to remember that God never once created a false judgment to others. He always came after them with love, grace, mercy and even open arms.

    In my life, I used to be afraid to go to others with my struggles or life events because people always tried to tell me what to do or how to work through it and all I wanted was a listening ear. Someone to just sit there and listen. To help me process. Now, I am more open with people and simply ask them to pray or to help me out. Mr. Whitaker (from adventures in odyssey) once said, if you don’t let anyone know you need help or are struggling, how are they supposed to know you are in need?”

    • Cor

      Your last paragraph will preach!

      A listening ear is many times all the fix a struggling friend needs.

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